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Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Beginner

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Do you have sufficient money to buy a best sewing machine for quilting? Or your house has sufficient room to store a long arm quilting machine? If you don’t have any of these two, there is nothing to get frustrated about. While portability, cost and storage space can be an issue, there is a solution to your problem. Just go through these reviews to know more about the best sewing machine for quilting that will suit your needs.

While the sewing machines have improved over the years, there are so many models that are perfect for beginner’s level as well as for expert sewers. Take a look at them and quilt without any trouble.

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Brother CS 6000i - Long Arm Sewing Machine for Quilting

The computerized sewing machine: This is one of the most popular selling machines in Amazon and definitely for some good reasons. This machine is loaded with features and accessories that one can get in a high priced machine. This is one of the best machines for the beginners and even provides you with so many varieties of features as you develop your sewing skill. With the capacity to sew almost all types of fabrics, this is definitely one of the best choices when quilting is concerned. The walking foot and quilting guide give you the best reason to choose this machine for even thicker quilts. There is a quilting table that provides the ease while creating your quilt.


  • Versatile stitching experience
  • Bilingual user manual
  • 25-years warranty
  • Included accessory feet
  • Jam resistant top bobbin
  • Stitch Select and adjustment features
  • Table for Quilting
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Easy threading
  • LCD display
  • Super bright working area


  • No scope for embroidery
  • Lacks memory function, resets to default when turned off.

Brother Project - Your quilting frames for home sewing machines

The limited edition sewing machine: This is yet another popular entry level sewing machine with more features than the previous versions, but expensive too at the same time. The easy to use feature makes it a great choice for beginners who can try out sewing with 100 built in stitches. One exciting thing about this machine is the see-through open toe quilting foot. This makes quilting on this machine very easy as you can keep a constant eye on the fabric while it feeds through the needle. The manual and videos make the use even more convenient, and one can just use it right out of the box. With an oversized quilting table, 8 styles of one-step buttonholes and auto needle threader apart from the other features, this is definitely a worth purchase if quilting is in your mind.


  • Includes decorative and heirloom stitches
  • Built-in sewing font for basic monogram
  • Oversized quilting table
  • Included accessories
  • Computerized version
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics
  • Backlit LCD screen


  • Basically a machine for beginners’ level
  • Do not support in countries less than 120V AC
  • Lack embroidery features
  • Quite expensive

Get your Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Beginner Brother HC 1850

The sewing and quilting embroidery sewing machine: With so many features packed, this machine is a bit expensive. This machine comes with tons of accessories, making your sewing experiences a great one. One can literally stitch anything in this computerized machine with cool specifications. While you can even try out some embroidery with ease, the decorative stitches like the feather stitch can help you stitch seams or do appliqué along edges too. Setting up this machine is very easy, and like other Brother sewing machines, this too is one of the great choices for a beginner. Unlike the previous Brother versions, this machine has 130 built in stitches. Apart from this the oversized quilting table, auto needle threader and 8 styles of 1 step buttonholes provide the ease and comfort while stitching.


  • Versatile and reliable
  • Equipped with special quilting features
  • Instructional DVDs
  • 25-years warranty
  • Easy to use machine for all types of fabric
  • Wide quilting table
  • 170 stitch functions


  • Highly priced
  • Do not support power less than 120V AC
  • A beginners’ machine

Brother Laura Ashley Fitted with Best Quilting Frames for Home Sewing Machines

The limited edition computerized quilting sewing machine with built in font for basic monogramming: This is a small and compact machine which is loaded with features at the same time reliable and not that expensive. With a powerful motor, this machine can easily handle multiple layers of heavy weight fabric, at the same time creates a perfect stitch.  This is an ideal quilting machine for beginners to try out their hands on without really breaking the bank. This machine gives an amazing quilting experience with an extra wide quilting table and 11 sewing and quilting feet. Purchase it to see the results, which will definitely make you happy.


  • Full set of designer accessories
  • Online technical support
  • 155 built-in stitches
  • 33% large working space with extra wide table
  • Backlit LCD screen display


  • This machine doesn’t do sideways sewing
  • This is just a beginners’ machine
  • The lightweight feature does not make the stitches on heavy duty machines even always.

Singer 7469Q - Best sewing machine for free motion quilting

The confident computerized quilting sewing machine: If you are looking for a feature rich quilting sewing machine and not really considering the price for a beginners’ level, then this machine will provide you with everything that one can ask for. Well, considering the features, this machine is a great value for its price. Apart from the large quilting table, you also get 5 different quilting feet. Even the build of the machine is strong enough and is made up of heavy metals so that it doesn’t go tipping on you when you are stitching heavyweight Quilting and appliqué become much easier with the programmable needle up and down feature. With its numerous features, this is a great machine for the startup sewers.


  • Electronic twin needle control
  • Extra-large sewing table
  • Fully automatic one-step buttonholes
  • 98 built-in stitches
  • Adjustable stitch length


  • Expensive
  • Designed for the United States and Canada only and do not support power less than 110 V AC
  • A beginners model

Singer 9960 - Sewing Machine for Quilting and Embroidery

The stylish sewing machine: No wonder you can easily choose this machine. You can easily get so many features just by spending few dollars. Isn’t it the greatest thing you have ever heard? As a sewer, you must be really passionate about your quilting sessions, and this machine just fits in your desire. With its so many amazing features, it is definitely a favorite among beginner and intermediate quilters. Apart from the features, the ease of use makes it a great choice. This machine is even equipped with a nice sized quilting table, providing you extra space and luxury.


  • 600 inbuilt stitches
  • 13 styles of 1 step buttonholes
  • Stitch control feature
  • 18 presser feet
  • 25 needle positions
  • Monogramming
  • Mirror imaging


  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate level
  • Operational difficulty in less than 110 V AC

Brother PQ 1500SL - Sewing Machine for Quilting!!

A combo for quilting and sewing: With high-speed quilting experiences, this machine also allows you to carry on sewing with ease. Equipped with a presser feet lifter, this machine has extra space and gives you a bit more room to keep your hands free to move the fabric. With 1500 stitches per minute, you can easily stitch multiple layers of fabric at the same time. The motor is indeed powerful to support heavy fabrics. There are 4 levels of adjustment, and one can easily control the feed dog. With auto needle position and knee lever, every single project can be completed very fast.


  • Auto thread trimmers
  • Knee lever
  • Auto needle positioned
  • Extension table
  • 1500 stitches per minute and a very powerful motor


  • Portability is a factor with the weight of the machine
  • One can face tension problems.

Juki TL 2000 Qi - Sewing Machine for Embroidery

With Juki’s quilting and sewing features: If you are very serious about quilting, then you should consider this workhorse. This machine is known for making quality stitches. With 1500 stitches per minute and auto needle threader, it has an Aluminum die cast frame, which helps in reducing the noise. With the ability to handle different types of fabrics and effectively do quilting, this machine is definitely worth spending for. The stitch quality is excellent, and you can easily get uniform stitches throughout.


  • One pedal operation
  • LED light
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Extended table
  • Modulated for low vibration operation


  • Noisy for home use
  • The instructions are a bit sparse.

Janome MC 6300P - Choose the Best Sewing Machine for Quilting and Embroidery

The heavy duty sewing machine: This machine is just perfect for the versatile Whether quilting or stitching some heavy weight materials, this machine is just perfect for you. With 66 stitches, 4 buttonholes, throat space, speed controllers, to name a few, everything you can easily get just by spending few bucks. This machine even works amazingly with the thickest quilt without lowering the speed. In short, this machine is never going to disappoint you.


  • Built-in thread cutter
  • 5 stitches for appliqué
  • Speed controller
  • Wide table
  • Advanced feed


  • Makes noise
  • Heavyweight, hard to lift

Brother XL 3750 - Get your large throat sewing machines for quilting

The convertible one: Although this machine is packed with so many features, there are some additional quilting features that make its inclusion in this list. Another amazing product of Brother in the lightweight category. Apart from the basic features, this machine comes with sewing notions, additional quilting table and cloth carrying case, making handling the fabric very easy. Right from stitch controlling features to easy needle threading, this inexpensive model makes sewing a fun affair.


  • Lightweight
  • 7 accessory presser feet
  • Integrated handle for transport
  • Reverse stitching push button
  • Auto bobbin winding


  • May lack stability with heavy weight machines
  • Not an option for countries with less than 120 V AC.

Life seems to be pretty relaxing when you are tugged inside a quilt, in your cozy bed, while holding a book in your hand or just getting the most comfortable sleep. Thanks to the love and warmth, a quilt can show us. And so, make this feeling extra special. Show some of your creativity and try out some quilting and present it to someone.

Trust us; this colorful and vibrant comforter will be loved by all. And to make your stitching experience even more comfortable, you have some of the best techie sewing machines that are loaded with tons of features, giving you ease in every step!

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