How to Dress to Impress a Girl

Honestly, during my whole life, I have never met even a single man who would completely understand the importance of nice clothes when it comes to dating girls. Of course, being a decent and attractive man is way beyond nice and fit clothes, but you should never underestimate the importance of your look, especially when we talk about European women dating. Also, a great outfit not only directly affects how girls see you but also makes you more self-confident. Thus, it is crucial to be stylish if you want to be successful in this life. So, how to dress to attract women?

Well, to find a proper answer to this question, first of all, you need to analyze your life, habits, and interest. You see, you will never be able to attract women’s attention even with the best and stylish clothes if they don’t suit you or the occasion. For example, if you are a businessman, then it is better to avoid jeans, especially on some official meetings. Also, it is important to choose a great haircut that suits your general style. Altogether this is a very painstaking process, but the result will definitely worth it.   

Why is an appearance so important to attract women?

Probably, you have heard from your relatives, mother or even friends that you only need to wait for some time and, sooner or later, a perfect woman will find you, and you will be happy together. Surely, there are many examples when people followed this pattern and successfully found a life-partner. But what about those who failed? This is a great example of survivorship bias. We all tend to forget about failures and examples that show the non-viability of our arguments.

Think about it, if no one pays attention to style and clothing, then why there are so many magazines, websites, and articles that give various style tips for women? As you know, during our history, our society had a serious imbalance, since people believed that beauty is only about women. This is exactly why so many men have the stereotype that their appearance doesn’t matter. I don’t know why so many people even today support this myth, while alpha male dress code has existed since the appearance of our country.

So, to be successful with women, you must clearly understand that your appearance is crucial when it comes to dating. No matter who you are, what kind of education you have, and what career you have managed to build, your appearance is the first thing people see in you, and this directly affects their attitude to you. You will be very surprised to know how much it can tell about you. But, today, we are going to find some interesting clothes that attract women.

The main elements of clothing

 So, what to wear to impress a girl? First of all, if you believe that there is some special clothing that attracts women, and you only need to buy it, then you are wrong. To find nice and suitable clothing, you will have to spend some time to work on your style. Surely, you can find on the Internet some colors that attract women, but there is a big risk that those colors won’t suit you, and all your efforts will be in vain. However, today we are going to share with you 5 main elements of clothing that are very important for your style.

1. Nice Jeans

Jeans were invented a pretty long time ago, and they are still popular among every social group. No matter how old you are, what type of body you have, you need a nice pair of jeans in your wardrobe. As you may know, jeans are a very important part of American pop culture. Our TV, media, books, and comics popularize cool guys in nice jeans. However, it is crucial to understand that in every Hollywood hundreds of people work on the style of those machos, while in real-life it may be very hard to find a nice pair of jeans. Plus, those who are not familiar with the world of fashion may feel lost when it comes to brands and types of jeans. So, don’t expect that you will find perfect jeans in no time.

2. Fashionable Footwear

Too many men underestimate the real importance of nice footwear, while women confess that they always pay attention to men’s shoes. The main reason for that is that they not only analyze how stylish those men look, but also understand whether they are neat or not, because it is very easy to get your shoes dirty, and too many men forget to clean them after walks. In turn, you, by choosing a nice pair of shoes can show your potential girlfriend not only that you pay attention to the smallest details in your style, but also that you are a neat person. Forget about saving money on shoes, since cheap shoes will make you look like a cheapskate.

3. A Broad Smile and avoid Bad Breath

While working on your style and clothing, you should never focus only on buying new things, since there are other aspects of your style and appearance that you can improve almost for free. First of all, you must begin with your face. Focus on the mouth and emotions that it transmits to other people. According to scientists, smiling is the easiest way to make yourself look more attractive in the eyes of others. People who smile more often seem to be more kind, open, happy, and trustworthy. Remember, a broad smile is what attracts a woman to a man. Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth and drink a lot of water to avoid bad breath. Also, you may try to use some breath mints.

4. A Nice Watch

Nowadays, we all have smartphones, and there is nothing bad if we use them to tell the time, but let’s not forget about the more polite and socially accepted way to do it. Today, by having a good watch on your wrist, you can show a girl that you always pay attention to details. Also, by wearing a nice watch, you give a woman who is interesting in you a nice conversation starter. Sometimes, it is pretty hard to find a nice watch that suits your personal style. We recommend you to begin with watches with a minimalistic design.

5. A Classic suit

We all heard about James Bond. This famous fiction character has proved to the whole world that classical suits are perfect for everything. Of course, nowadays, we believe that suits are all about business and some fancy old-school events. Surely they are, but let’s not miss another interesting aspect which is dates. Women just love men in classical suits, especially if you are going on a date in some restaurant. No doubt that your new girlfriend from russian live video chat has many classical clothes to impress a guy like you. So, give her a chance to show you her arsenal. You can choose any modern classical suit, and the only important aspect here is that it should fit you well.

Do accessories matter?

In our list of the main elements of clothing, we have already mentioned some accessories, so, yes, they do matter. As we have said above, by wearing nice accessories, you show women that you pay attention to details and care about your style. However, it is very important to maintain a balance here and avoid going too far with wearable accessories. Thus, there is no point in turning yourself into a Christmas tree decorated with all types of small things and wearables. Instead, it is always better to concentrate on one or two accessories and make sure that they fit your style and body.

Also, to avoid looking strange, you should never break the rule of practicality. Remember, every piece of your wardrobe must serve some purpose. For example, your watches may show your status your glasses may point on your focus on intelligence, and so on. Your style and appearance must hide your weak sides and draw attention to the strong ones, and wearable accessories are great in accomplishing this mission.

5 Best Ready-made Outfit Ideas

Probably every woman has a couple of ideas on how to dress to attract guys, in turn, only a few men actually understand what they should do with their style and how to make their appearance perfect. This happens because men often tend to focus on different aspects, and simply have no time or desire to browse through fashion magazines and websites to improve their style. If you are one of those men, then you have come to a perfect place, since here we are going to share with you our 5 ready-made looks ideas.

1. A Classical approach

A nice classical well-fitted suit, with a nice pair of shoes and a minimalist watch, will definitely impress your new girlfriend on your first date in some fashionable restaurant.

2. An active approach

For active dates, it is always nice to dress into some nice jeans, a modern shirt, and Sneakers. In this outfit, you will look younger and more comfortable.

3. The winter date

Any pair of black trousers, winter boots, a warm scarf, and a black winter coat will make you look very self-confident and attractive. Don’t forget about a classical watch.

4. Leather Jacket

This one will make you look cool: find a nice leather jacket that you like, combine it with suitable boots and almost any fell-fitted jeans, and make sure that you wear a broad smile too.

5. Printed Sweaters

Find a shirt with a delicate collar, then choose some printed sweater you like, add here modern jeans and nice boots, and you will have a perfect outfit for dates in Spring or Fall.

Your appearance can be your key to success or one of the biggest barriers between you and successful career or romantic relationships. Yes, it is pretty hard to work on your style and look, especially if you have never done it before, but this will pay off.