Hello beautiful!

Waking up Monday morning never gets easier, and when all I want to do is hide beneath my warm blankets, I don’t really feel like dressing up. Honestly, I feel like wearing my warm, cozy sweats, or the warmest clothes I can find, but because I would in reality feel very uncomfortable wearing this out, I go for another option. Leggings. To me leggings are the perfect balance between comfort and style. No, I’m not saying leggings is the most stylish thing in the world, but depending on the way you style them, you can look quite put together regardless. So when I very unwillingly separated from my loyal warm blankets, this is what I reached for. I paired it with a chiffon plaid shirt which is long enough so it covers mu butt. Which is important, yes. This shirt is quite see through, so I wore a simple black tank top underneath it.

To make the outfit look a little more put together, I also wore my lovely oversized blazer. I just love how a blazer can so easily kick an outfit up a notch.

Lastly, I paired this outfit with some leather boots and my well-worn wool hat.

Btw, sorry for not the best quality pictures, it’s been very windy in Bergen lately, or more like a storm really, so it was quite difficult to get the camera to focus properly because of all the constant movement of my hair and blazer.



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