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Want to decide on a sewing machine? Then it completely depends on your budget and skill level. Purchasing a machine may be very easy, but before that, you need to decide on three important factors- your skills, brand and what type of fabrics you are going to sew. With the advent of technology, there are numerous models giving you the best features. If you are going to spend some hundred dollars, the best you can get is a good and basic version. And if you want some more automated functions, a tight pocket won’t help you at all. The best part? Spending some more bucks can help you stitch professional quality designs.

Sewing Machine Types

Although you can still find the mechanical models, in this age, it is time to try out the electronic models. Only then you can actually experience the advantages that this machine can help you with your sewing projects. So, look at your options here!

  1. Mechanical Machines: Are you an occasional sewer and handle only some basic projects? Then this is just the right one for you. Although they require you to control the stitching process manually, you can very well do some basic repairs, clothing, hems and crafts projects.
  2. Electronic Machines: If you have to sew frequently, then an electronic model is the best thing to invest your money on. This helps you in relaxing a bit and easing the tedious job from hand to computer chips. This type of machines typically comes with lots of features like LED screen, touchpad controls, presser foot and features hundreds of stitch types.
  3. Embroidery Sewing Machine: Have you ever thought of doing the intricate designs with the help of machines and that too accomplishing them so fast? Thanks to the invention of this type of machines that made creating this art so easily. You can easily do monogramming and embroidery in this elaborate electronic machine. With hoops, machine memory, accessories, stitches, data sticks to link to your computer, this type of machines even comes with different designs and patterns. Everything in a package! What could you ask for more?

And now, when it comes to fabrics, these machines can stitch every sort of materials. But, yes, make sure to go through the specifications in details before your purchase, to ensure that the machine that you have selected can meet your needs. There are many electronic versions for heavy duty fabrics that can also stitch lightweight clothing. Even there are machines with all the features of different sewing types of fabrics, embedded in one. Hence, going through the features will let you know every single detail.

Tips To Get The Right Machine!

As mentioned, you need to go through the features. So, if you are a beginner, the first thought that came to your mind is ‘What should I look for?’ or ‘How to get the best machine according to my needs?’ In either of the case, the best that you can do is keep reading this article. Yes, read on to discover and understand how various features can help you! While you are investing so much for the perfect sewing machine, your every penny should be worth the investment, right? So, have these factors in mind while choosing your machine.

  1. The purpose of Sewing: So, if you have come this way and looking for a write up to purchase a sewing machine, you already have a purpose. So, to narrow down your search, ask yourself why you are going to need this machine. And, what type of task you are going to do on this machine. There are different types of machines for stitching; heavy duty works, craft, monogramming and stitching. So, unless and until you are sure of your needs, nobody can help you out. While you can find a single machine handling so many different types of fabrics, but the good machines are usually made for a single task. So, if you have a really good budget, you can easily opt for “The One”!
  2. Built in Stitches: The most important consideration should be the type and the number of stitches available. While a machine may be loaded with hundreds of inbuilt stitches, do look out for the two indispensable ones- straight and zigzag stitches. Why? Because they are the two powerful types of stitches that can literally help you to stitch anything. You can even make some trade off if you have a limited budget. But, if you are in need of a variety of stitches, make sure to look for this important factor while selecting your machine. In most of the basic machines, you are sure to find straight stitch. So, if this only can meet your needs, then your search simply ends here.
  3. Size and Weight: Are you planning to buy a machine for your kid? Then you should definitely look for a machine that has less weight and compact. You know kids very well. While they keep on shifting from one place to another, so while their machines move along with them. In such cases, a heavyweight is going to create the hassle. And when leaving apart the kid and considering your case, where there is a constant need of moving the machine, a heavyweight machine is going to be a real issue. What’s the solution? Decide first of all, how steady your workplace is and then start looking for machines. Again, at the same time, you need to consider that light weight machines can be worrisome while you are stitching some heavy fabrics. So, keep the materials too into consideration and choose your sewing machine accordingly.
  4. Noise Level: So, if you are a busy bee working all day long and also love sewing, what will be your time for stitching then? Definitely, at night, right? And now think of a situation, where you are trying out some creativity, driven by your passion and some grinding noise coming out of your machine is irritating you! Well, this is something that you will least want. Not just your problems, it can even wake up your kid, where you have given a full dedication to make it fall asleep. And what about your family members and neighbors? This entire situation may even make you close this sewing chapter for good, and we definitely don’t want that. Know that heavy weight machines make more noise compared to light ones. But if you have to sew heavy fabrics, you will need such machines. The best you can do here, is, try to get a machine with noise reduction features. But, of course, the price for these machines may be on the upper side!
  5. Preferred Brand: Are you a Shopaholic and very choosy about brands? So, why not choosing a sewing machine considering the brand. So, if you think why to brand, then the answer to your query is that brands can live up to your expectation. There is some sheer amount of luck that too needs to be considered when you are purchasing a mechanical device, and sewing machines are not any exception. So, what if you find out that your machine stopped working just after a few days of purchase? For those unlucky instances, if you have purchased a good brand one, while the chance of manufacturing defect is less, at the same time the post-purchase service will also be a good one. And if you are a frequent sewer and your machine has to undergo lots of workloads, then definitely looking a machine that has maximum years of warranty will be the best decision that you have made so far. And with the brand name, every single rectifying process will thus be very well simplified.
  6. How Often Do You Work?’: You must be very aware of your workload and frequency while shopping for a sewing machine. Okay, let us make this very clear to you. How the machines get power? The motors, right? So, if you purchased a machine that gets heated up after few hours of work, will it be a worthy purchase then? Definitely no! So, store this in your mind as a thumb rule. The more powerful the motor is more hours of work you can do. Now, if you are an average or a professional sewer and have to work continuously for hours, in such case, you need to have a machine that has a powerful working unit. And, while the motor is one of the important parts to run the whole mechanics of a sewing machine, you now know how to decide on that point!
  7. Controls and Ergonomics: Are you sewing with an outdated version? If so, then why? There is actually no need to do so when you have some of the amazing models of electronic and computerized sewing machines. If you are trying to complete a project that has so many automated versions, your workload is going to lessen very easily. So, search for a machine with features like automatic needle threader, adjustable tension, LCD screen, buttonholer to name a few. But while you are looking for the features, also make sure to look for the different types of stitching like quilting, sewing or embroidery. When you have the boon of technology, what is the need to stick to your old machine? What, budget? There are even small budget ones perfect for your needs. You just need to research a bit!
  8. Required Accessory: Everybody likes something that comes for absolutely free. So, why your sewing machine should lack this? There are some machines that come loaded with accessories, to start your sewing process at one the machine reaches to you. And no one has to explain you for sure what accessories can do to your sewing sessions, right? To create beautiful designs or to manipulate the fabric, more accessories you have, you get more chance of showing your creativity. So, look for a machine that comes with a lot of accessories, thus giving you versatile options while at the same time saving your money.
  9. Instruction Manual: With the introduction of different technologies on the sewing machines, these are becoming very sophisticated and technologically very advanced. Thus, understanding every bit of the working mechanism may not be that easy. And that’s when you require a guide to help you out. This guide may be in the form of a user manual booklet, DVDs or online tutorials. Anyway, it is, if you can easily understand the operational mode of the machine, the problem gets solved then and there. Even an expert, who is dealing different types of machines for a long time, may even need some help while trying to figure out the details in a new machine. Thus, ensure that your machine comes with a manual and that too in your preferred language to clear all your doubts and maintain the ease of use, saving time and energy.
  10. Warranty: Although the last part, but yet another very important thing that should be considered. Typically, you can get a machine that has two years warranty for the machine parts and a 25 year warranty for the frame. So, you can easily opt for such type of machines or even the one that gives you more years of warranty. One important thing you need to consider here if you are buying your machine from any online store. Let us take the example of Amazon here. This type of online stores allows you to even replace your machine. Not always but up to a period of 6 months. So, make sure to check your machine at once it reaches to you to avail all the facilities. While you can replace and this is 100% true, at the same time, do remember to go through the terms and conditions before you make a purchase. Since the return policy may be different for every single product, you definitely will not at all lie take a risk or get involved in any form of problems in the future, don’t you?

Well, this is just the right guide for you! And buying your desired sewing machine shouldn’t be a problem at all. So, when everything is decided, how about the different type of fabric? Well, you know, there are different types of a sewing machine for a different type of fabrics, but which one you should choose? There are some suggestions mentioned below for your convenience.

  • Delicate Fabric: Although, one must think that delicate fabrics can be handled by any type of machine, while it is partially correct to make sure that the machine you are buying for this type of fabrics should have a presser foot that can be adjusted. With the help of the pressure on the presser foot, it reduces the risk of getting snagged. And to get even stitches, avoiding this is a need. Even you can go for feet coated with Teflon for smoother movement. The selection of needle is something that should be given importance, and the sharp needle is required for carrying out the stitching process. So, you should thereby own a machine that has the provision of accepting a sharp needle.
  • Thick Fabric: All you know is that thick fabric can only be stitched in a heavy duty machine. Okay, you are absolutely But what features the machine should be equipped with? Make sure to look for a machine that has an option for length and wide stitches. While materials like denims, leathers and upholstery materials can only be stitched with the help of a heavy duty machine, the machine should have an adjustable presser foot and presser lifter. Even thick materials need a good needle that can stitch tightly and even in a few cases a double needle. So, consider the needle part too.
  • Curtain: So, if this is the material that you have to sew, look for a machine that can stitch fabrics of diverse length and weight. And those machines should have additional working space, so that comfort and ease are not compromised while seaming.
  • Stretch Fabric: If you are a professional, you are very apt at handling all types of fabrics. Anyway, you can opt for a machine that can aptly stitch stretchy fabrics and will definitely make your stitching process easy and less time-consuming.

So, after going through the process of selection, fabric types and brands, let us now highlight here some of the best machines, having multipurpose use features. So, a mix of functions, technology, features, and stitching capacity can easily help you to decide your best sewing machine. Interested to know? Keep on reading.

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